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Most if not all of our visitors value their privacy on the Web. We too value your right to privacy. We do not give away and do NOT sell personal information such as your name, e-mail addresses, or other types of contact information. We do not share your correspondence information with outside parties unless lawfully required to do so by law enforcement agencies or legal court systems.

Unless specified at a particular contact page, you can be sure that your contact information, sensitive data, and correspondence will be kept private. The only time we will share information about you is if you explicitly want us to publicize certain information in connection with you.

Because is in a partnership with Google Inc., Google does set a harmless cookie to your browser. There is no need for concern of the cookie since generally no information is stored in the cookie that would specifically identify you as a person. You may wish to visit Google for more information on their privacy policy for clarification and updates to their privacy policy.

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