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  1. Advertising On The Web: Web advertisements are important cogs that make the Web work. The very existence of many Web sites relies on the revenue generated by ads to pay for servers, the online tools and Web content that you find on the Web. They help you to know about other resources too. Despite the seemingly helpful nature of this glue, some people would like to remove them entirely from the Web which would have adverse consequences. Can we strike a balance between advertisements and useful Web sites so that both visitors and Web site owners benefit?
  2. Domain Names: Domain names are those Web site addresses that you type into the address bars near the top of your Web browser. Without them, remembering popular Web destinations would be a bit more difficult. Examples of domains are google.com, amazon.com, and of course this very domain for the Web page you are reading searchword.com. Webmasters will likely be interested in the "tiered pricing" domain name issue.

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