Red Victor 1, 2 & 3:
A FAST Ride!

Are you a fan of crazy-fast street-legal race cars? Then you'll want to take a look at this race car from across the pond: Red Victor 2 with over 2,300 hp. Thanks to Andy Frost and his dedication of more than 2 decades of tinkering with this Vauxhall Victor, you can see his creation.

0-60mph in 0.9 secs.,
top speed of 223mph . . .
dubbed "The World's Fastest
Street-Legal Car
w/Gas-Pump Gas." . . .

The car does not have the backing of any huge corporation nor is it funded by any wealthy financier. The car was built by one man, Andy Frost, at his modest place of residence. Andy Frost, at this time (2011) is in his late forties and is an automatic transmission specialist living in Wolverhampton, England (United Kingdom).

A stock 1967 Vauxhall Victor FD is a plebian 4 door sedan from a by-gone era. The Vauxhall Victor was chosen because it had an American car appearance. The Vauxhall Victor was built into what has been named Red Victor 1 (now called Red Victor 2 (after more modifications)).

In its latest stage as the Red Victor 1, it sported a 9.3L (572ci) twin turbo V8 making 2,200bhp. That's approaching one horsepower per pound of weight (though the actual weight is not known). Fast? Just 1 (one) second for 0-60 time and quarter mile in 7.6 seconds @ 189 mph (updated quarter mile record on Thursday, June 21, 2007)—is that fast enough? Of course driving it around town is expensive in terms of gas consumption. In everyday driving, the car averages about 5 mpg.

Andy says he's invested approximately 100,000 (equivalent to approx. $165,000 USD in 2011 according to Xe currency converter) into the car by the year 2007.

The Red Victor 2 is also powered by the 572ci (9.3L) twin turbo Chevrolet V8. It's modified from the 1st version to produce over 2,300 hp and is coupled to a 2 speed GM powerglide transmission. This modified version boasts 7.45 seconds @ 197 mph quarter mile run.

Here are more stats on the Red Victor 2:

Speed/acceleration records:
0-60mph in 0.9 secs.
0-150mph in 5.0 secs.
0-189mph in 7.6 secs.
standing 1/4 mi. record of 7.41 @ 197mph
top speed of 223mph

That top speed of 223mph was done in 19 seconds—time was slow due to excessive wheelspin.

If that isn't impressive enough, they are building the new Red Victor 3. The Red Victor 3 will be packing 3000+ horsepower from its new 8.8L (541ci) twin turbocharged GM V8 engine. And ... Yes, that's right: street legal. Can't wait to see some stats on that baby!

That's why this car has been dubbed "The World's Fastest Street-Legal Car w/Gas-Pump Gas."

The Official Red Victor 1/Red Victor 2/Red Victor 3 Web site can be seen at:

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