JavaScript Activation: Activating Dynamic Features Within This Site

If you found this page via a link within the interior pages of this site, then you have JavaScript turned off. The only other ways to find this page is through the search engines and from the direct link located near the bottom of the home page of

Certain features within this site require that JavaScript be turned on. Features that require the use of JavaScript are (but not limited to):

  • Menus for Main Categories, Local Topics, Related Topics, and Related Topics on "Other" Web Sites (where applicable). On certain pages, these menu lists may be set up to expand and contract where applicable. The expansion/collapse link will not work to expand and collapse menus.
  • Links within articles. Various links within articles will not display without the use of JavaScript.
  • The bad link reporting feature. Along with links within articles, there is a feature that one can click on to report bad links.
  • Top Navigation Bar. This feature will not display unless JavaScript is enabled.

This is by no means all of the features that require JavaScript within this site, but of the common elements requiring use thereof.

Some people turn off JavaScript deliberately. If someone told you to turn it off or you read somewhere that you should turn it off, this is generally NOT sound advice.

The Rumors
There is confusion being spread around by individuals who are not informed enough about JavaScript or are part of the conspiracy theorists group making what amounts to baseless claims. The claims are far from the truth. I've been creating Web sites since 1996 and have surfed the Web with browsers since 1995 and know what JavaScript can and cannot do. I've done plenty of homework over the years familiarizing myself with the real and imagined characteristics of JavaScript. I'm also familiar with pass JavaScript history.

A person can yell fire in a theater and people will actually believe it even if it's not true. The same can be said of JavaScript and the individuals misinforming the clueless general masses. Simply put JavaScript is nearly as safe as viewing images in your browser. Though I would love to explain and debunk many of the claims, I will not go into detail on this particular page about the misleading information.

ActiveX, The REAL Culprit
The JavaScript conspiracies really escalated in 2001 when spyware came onto the scene. It was blamed for installing spyware. The REAL fact is ActiveX is the culprit. Turn off ActiveX and you will not have a problem with spyware being installed. See this page on how to turn off ActiveX in Microsoft Internet Explorer (a. k. a. MSIE) and to get an understanding of ActiveX's role within MSIE. Users of Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and Opera need not to be worried about ActiveX. By default other browsers do not run ActiveX. Firefox can be set to run it, but it is not part of the default browser. You would need to install it deliberately as a Plug-in, but that's not recommended. It could make your Firefox browser unstable. People should not install ActiveX in Firefox unless they have a very special reason for doing so. You have been warned.

JavaScript, The Very Useful Tool
You will find that a vast number of sites across the web use JavaScript. Even Google makes extensive use of JavaScript to provide features within their email services and for their commercial products provided to advertisers and publishers. Yahoo, CNN, and all sorts of other big brands make use of it. Ever wonder why a certain online calculator at times does not work? Many times they require JavaScript to be enabled. JavaScript is both very useful and very safe.

If you do not have it activated, we suggest you enable it now to benefit from its many uses within sites across the web.

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