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If you've seen both movies, Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore and Fahrenhype 9/11, you might agree that both have a ring of truth. However after 3 years of history gone by since Fahrenheit 9/11 was first shown on the big screen, I've concluded that both movies have some truth and both have deception built into them. Michael Moore capitalizes on all the negativity (real and imagined) and this later movie Fahrenhype 9/11 capitalizes on all the positive actions (real and imagined), the good deeds and so forth.

Some people theorize that the American government with George W. Bush purposely orchestrated the 9/11 attack from Al-Qaeda with Osama Bin Laden as the chief terrorist. Michael Moore certainly provides strong hints in that direction. Furthermore, some say America used the 9/11 incident to spring-board the U.S.A. into the Iraq war. It's a convenient connection used by conspiracy theorists.

I get a nagging feeling that the Iraq war is connected with oil to some degree or largely thereof, but not the way many people around the world think of the oil issue. Many people around the world collectively group all Americans as being responsible for the Iraqi situation which is not a fair assessment. Yes, someone is getting rich and powerful from the oil, but it's not the average American, nor any average person around the world. The general American is simply caught in the middle of this conflict. There is a long range goal of liberating Iraqi oil. The goal is set by unnamed super wealthy super powerful people who have covered their tracks so as to remain a mystery. Iran may be the next target soon.

Elite individuals very likely want to liberate all the oil over seas, use it all up, then go on to tap the vast shale oil reserves in the Midwest of the USA and make a killing off of that for the next 50+ years. Why do you think we are continuing to be dependent so much on oil? Because these individuals want to continue to make billions and trillions. Who do you think is going to take the blame? America! The fault is not directly America, France, or even Russia, the fault primarily lies with these elite few who are in control. They manipulate situations for war so they can profit. And what better way to divert blame from themselves than to put the blame on a mass of people called the Americans. Perhaps even Bush is a pawn not seeing the whole picture (no one can know for sure at this point).

Where Do The Responsible
Power Elite Live?
Here's the kicker: Many of these power elite are not even native Americans and reside in other parts of the world. While America as a whole is blamed for the Iraqi war, the real culprits around the world remain anonymous. If the media (also controlled by the elite) did serious deep investigation into the issue, they might uncover the truth. It probably won't happen because field reporters are simply puppets of the corporate heads dictating what they may report on. While Osama Bin Laden is on his mission of destroying the U.S.A., this fact escapes his notice: the people in power safely reside in other countries while masses suffer at his disposal.

Power Elite Hide The Truth
There is lots of important information that we are not told about. The few elite are wielding power through the use of money & power manipulation and misdirection to hide their tracks. To them people's lives are a game and they care not very much who else wins as long as they maintain power. If America helps them maintain power, the power elite will ensure that America stays on top or they will use them up until they are no longer useful. The power elite have discovered how to use the world as their own chess board. I imagine some of the power elite even relish in seeing their plans come to fruition regardless of the loss of life as long as it does not interfere with people and goals they care about.

Agendas are hidden from the masses all the time. Case in point: a TV channel called The Science Channel relates that the military is finally admitting a tiny bit that we have super fast military aircraft that can fly at 8,000+ mph using pulse detonation jets. It was likely acknowledged due to a commercial satellite tracking the aircraft flying a suborbital path. Sources say that it is the top secret Aurora aircraft. A person with insider knowledge says the aircraft can actually fly up to speeds of 15,000 mph. They are also admitting a little that we have used flying saucer aircraft back in the 70's and 80's and as early as the late 40's.

Many people are gullible enough to believe in aliens with UFOs. Despite the military denying that there is alien technology flying in our skies, conspiracist believe otherwise. The military is "likely" happy that these conspiracies hide the real truth of origin—they originate from human sources, not aliens. It's another way of military misdirection—someone's making money on those projects. Misdirection serves the interests of the power elite.

This is just one example of what is hidden from the general populous. There are all kinds of goodies (inventions) that are kept from us that would make the world not dependent on oil, but "someone" would lose financially and that can't happen.

Getting back to the Iraqi war, it serves another function: a diversion to keep the general public involved in something so we don't think about the real issues at play. The world is kept so busy with so many issues that it is hard for individuals to focus on hidden agendas. The power elite loves this. It keeps them out of the spotlight. People really need to start using their thinking caps and put the blame on the power elite where it belongs. Sure, each individual is responsible for their own actions—that's a given. The masses need to realize where the problems are originating and then focus on those problem people. Finally, quit blaming one nation or another for the world's problems—Osama Bin Laden, YOU need to take heed on this issue.

Author: Curt Dunmire
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